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Social Media Influencer Marketing

Social media influencer marketing refers to using influencers with a social media following to promote a brand or its products. Social media influencers have an already established credibility and trust with their followers. Because of this, they are the perfect tool for brands to execute their social media marketing campaigns. In recent years, social media influencer marketing has garnered increasing popularity because of the high returns that brands are able to achieve, compared to using other digital marketing methods.

Social media influencer marketing can be executed through platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, Twitter, Snapchat or blogging websites. Within these platforms, there are several types of campaigns that can be launched through social media influencer marketing. These include hashtag campaigns, promo codes, product reviews, discounts, competitions and giveaways.

Social media influencer marketing is all the more important for businesses nowadays since conventional methods of marketing are becoming outdated and ineffective. People no longer want to see television or Internet commercials that try to blatantly ‘sell’ products to them, as is evidenced by their habit of skipping YouTube ads or the increased use of ad blockers. Only 1% of millennials trust advertisements nowadays, compared to 33% trust blog reviews. People show an interest only in those products which are communicated to them by people they trust or have an affinity with. Because of this, social media influencers have become an important part of the marketing strategy of a growing number of businesses.

Not only can brands benefit from influencers’ already established trust with their audience, they can also benefit from the large following that many influencers have amassed. This enables businesses to achieve significant savings of cost, time and effort. No other method of digital marketing allows brands to reach such a large, specifically targeted segment as social media influencer marketing does. The viewership from a large following also leads to automatic word of mouth marketing, which is essentially a free of cost promotion for brand.

Social media influencer marketing can allow brands to leverage on the knowledge and experience of influencers in their niche. It is this expertise of influencers that enables them to build the kind of trust and credibility with their followers that they have. When such influencers give an opinion of a brand’s product, their followers are more likely to consider it as authentic rather than if it were coming from an inexperienced person in the field.

Not only does social media influencer marketing bring benefits for brands, it also allows influencers to benefit greatly. Influencers can use social media platforms to build a dedicated following and then collaborate with brands to earn a passive income. Without stepping out of their house, influencers can leverage this medium to their benefit. It also allows them to try new products and broaden their experience and knowledge of up and coming brands in their niche.

For the smooth execution of social media influencer marketing, the concept of social media marketing agencies came about. The purpose of these is essentially to connect influencers to brands and to help them collaborate. Influencer Hub is social media marketing agency which specializes in bridging the gap between micro-influencers and brands who want to collaborate through brands. It is a highly convenient, easy to use and cost effective platform that serves as the perfect solution to all your social media influencer marketing needs. To read more about what Influencer Hub does and embark on your social media influencer marketing journey today, click here.