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Cutting-edge TECH for your agency!

Niche Audience

Niche Audience

Our influencers have a very niche and targeted following that they have built over years. Given their vertical expertise, their referrals and recommendations will be readily trusted and accepted by their followers.

Diverse Interests

Diverse Interests

A diverse pool of influencers in terms of interests, niches and channels. What else does a brand need? You can filter through our influencers according to reach, niche, or across various social media channels: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter or personal blogs.

Maximal Engagement

Maximal Engagement

We go beyond statistical analysis of the number of followers or engagement rates to analyze each influencer as an individual with distinct language and storytelling methods by using Marketing Analytics Tools, so that we can connect a brand with influencers that best align with its set goals.


Technology enabled Influencer marketing Platform

Allowing you to tailor the experience to your clients with your unique branding backed by our code

Influencer Hub, established in 2018 in the heart of Florida with headquarters in Tampa, began as a traditional influencer marketing agency. However, through the years, our passion shifted towards technology, leading us to transition into a tech solution provider.

Save thousands on tech development, get a personalized solution that drives results. Trust us to empower you with our white label influencer platform.



Why Influencer Hub

It's free, no subscription fee

It’s simple

As a brand, this Agency Management Platform helps you hire, track, manage, collaborate and pay influencers in just a few clicks.

It's fast

It's fast

Marketing Campaign Management takes about 10 minutes. Manage hundreds of influencers in the time it took to manage one.

It's convenient

It's convenient

Streamline your influencer marketing campaign and manage it end-to-end on a single platform.

It's tailor-made

It's tailor-made

From selecting influencers to planning the campaign, we offer you a customizable marketing solutions


Reasons to Choose Us.

  • Not just another influencer listing service.
  • Value for your time and effort.
  • Complimentary services to help you grow professionally.
  • Secure, smooth & timely payments.
  • Calculate ROIs & measure KPIs.


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