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Instagram Influencer Marketing

When companies offer very similar products, buyers have very little basis for making strictly rational decisions because their requirements can be met by any company. This is where influencer marketing plays its role. Instagram is an influencer in the buying and selling process that can have a significant impact on the purchase decisions made by consumers. The buying and selling process includes the actual users of the product or service, those who make the buying decision, those who influence the buying decision, those who do the actual buying, and those who control buying information.

Major influencers on the buyer behavior are: environmental influencers, organizational influencers, interpersonal influencers and individual influencers. Instagram is one of the major influencers as it serves groups of consumers and provides them offers that are carefully tailored to their needs. The growth of Instagram and other carefully targeted social media platforms has raised fresh concerns about potential targeting interests.  Instagram allows increasing the refinement of audiences and in turn, more precise targeting. It can reach masses of geographically dispersed buyers at a low cost per exposure and it enables the seller to repeat a message many times. Advertising on Instagram is very expressive as it allows the company to dramatize its products through the artful use of visuals, audio and colors. 

Instagram influences the minds of potential buyers in ways that are very believable. New stories, features, sponsorships, and events seem more real and believable to Instagram users than ads do. Instagram avoids using direct forms of marketing i.e. direct mail and catalogs etc. since direct marketing sends a specific message to that one person only. Instagram is more interactive, responsive and customized. It allows to establish strong connections with consumers and messages can be altered depending on the consumer's response. Instagram is all about user ease and uses push strategies for trade promotions to push its products through the channels.  

New businesses are continuously emerging and are trying to increase their online presence. For example, people who are passionate about cooking share their cooking videos on Instagram and start their promotion online. This helps them gain many followers in a number of days, leading to the establishment of successful start-ups. Instagram facilitates in building strong customer relationships on the basis of trust and honesty. It regulates its policies and conditions regularly and updates trade promotion activities on a daily basis. Instagram follows fair competition and is firmly responsible to protect the long-run interests of their consumers and the environment. Instagram influences its customers by building positive images as every product or service that it advertises seems to be tied with some important cause e.g. buying a pink mixer for KitchenAid will support breast cancer research.

Instagram uses a proactive approach rather than a reactive approach in the marketing environment. Customers get a link to connect to the brands that attract them so that they can get detailed information about the products or services. Moreover, it encourages its employees and owners to work as a team to maximize customer satisfaction. All individuals who are a part of the Instagram influencer marketing must be customer-centered and motivated to provide outstanding customer services. Instagram rewards its employees to increase service productivity and continuously improves its services by adding latest equipment.

Instagram ensures that the labels and designs which help to identify, describe and promote a product are made more effective. It also offers new ideas for product development so that the products are more appealing and ultimately meet customer needs. Instagram is known for coming up with the most innovative ideas for everything including fashion, clothes, makeup, e-learning & earnings, business promotion & marketing. It has become a global influencer via e-marketing. Instagram closely follows the demands of customers which are shaped by their cultural, social or personal preferences. It also conducts thorough customer research and analyzes all the customer data to make final decisions. 

Instagram marketing consists of all actions taken to build and maintain positive customer relationships by consistently delivering superior customer value. Beyond simply attracting new customers and creating transactions, Instagram’s goal is to retain customers and grow businesses. It serves as a great platform for business owners to offer their products or services and for customers to satisfy their demands.