Let us take care of a wide range of influencer marketing tasks for you.

Our white label platform offers efficient management and comprehensive insights, tailored to your unique industry, budget, and timeline. With a focus on B2B influencer marketing and performance metrics, we provide complimentary services to help you grow your agency professionally.

Our Exclusive Features

Say goodbye to overwhelming workloads and hello to hassle-free influencer management.

Search & Discovery

Influencer Hub will help you find the right influencer that ticks all the boxes and resonates with your audience to help you maximize your outreach and boost your turnover.


  • Our clients have used our solution to generate a grand network of up to 100K+ influencers from all across the globe to expand their outreach
  • Our solution has the ability to accommodate a diverse web of influencers in terms of the industries they belong to
  • Our streamlined algorithm reduces the search and discovery time to under 60 seconds

Enter strategic collaborations

  • Our system supports a wide range of search filters such as location, industry, brand, follower count, platform and so on
  • You can preview comprehensive profiles and insights of the influencers
  • You can choose from a range of brackets to find the representative that suits your budget

Analytics & Live Reporting

Marketing Campaigns management with ease and get deep insights into campaign performance with Influencer Hub’s Live Reporting & Analytics.


  • Follower Demographics
  • Comprehensive Social Media Analytics
  • Popular and Sponsored Posts
  • Audience demographic data


  • Conversion tracking
  • Engagement analysis
  • Reach and impressions measurement
  • Click-through rate monitoring
  • Lead generation tracking


Reward and motivate your influencers with Influencer Hub's Perks

  • Bonuses
  • Incentives
  • Special privileges
  • Personalized offers
  • Discounts or promotional codes


Stay connected with influencers using Influencer Hub's Chat feature

  • Chat with Influencers
  • Collaborated Content Monitoring
  • Organized chat breakrooms per brands
  • Real-time communication through instant messaging for speedy and efficient exchange between the company and its clients
  • Timely notifications, updates and alerts
  • Central platform for discussion of project details, strategies and goals for seamless collaboration
  • Facility to exchange documents, images, videos or any other files or media type
  • Secure and robust chat channel for the privacy of sensitive content and information
  • Round-the-clock support and maintenance


Stay on top of your campaigns from anywhere with Influencer Hub's Mobile App

Discover, filter, and conquer with our robust platform! With our cutting-edge features like custom filters and feeds, you'll find exactly what you need, precisely when you need it.


Uncover hidden treasures in your influencer community with our community filtering feature. Whether you're searching for high-engagement influencers, brand enthusiasts, or even those needing some TLC, our filters let you uncover your most valuable relationships. Understand your community dynamics, target the perfect creators for your activations, and drive long-term retention like a pro!


Say goodbye to information overload with our custom feeds. Focus on the stuff that matters most to you by creating personalized dynamic feeds. Whether it's monitoring product mentions from your latest send, our feeds deliver real-time updates from the people who matter most. Measure, report, and benchmark the impact of your brand activations with ease, allowing you to evaluate your strategy and pivot on the fly like a true champion.


Effortlessly manage payments with Influencer Hub's Payment feature.


  • Payment scheduling
  • Direct payments
  • Fast and flexible payment options
  • Global payment system and local currency support

Creating Convenience

  • We monitor, track, report, manage and audit on your behalf so your accounts are well regulated
  • Simplify and automate your payment system uniformly and eliminate the need for manually managing individual payments
  • Ease your load by processing a high volume of payments simultaneously for efficient management
  • Guaranteed security through our incorporation of privacy and tax compliance policies